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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Dreams

When i wake up in this evening, suddenly i thinking of my dream that i had before.
Dream about too be the chosen one, who has been chosen and has an opportunity to continue my study in the one of the best university in the world. i'm smile while i'm wrote this article. Because i know i never to be able to be the chosen to study there.

Back to the basics, people always judge me by my look on my body saiz. Yes?? it's true. As a human being, i'm sad because of it's. But for the biggest change in my life, i be able to study in the one of the newest university in Malaysia [UPSI] and meet such a good person and then to be their friends. You know what, i proud of it's. I was thinking, again? again and again ^^ may be the only level that i can reach and do not step up anymore, but i hope that i can be like some of my old friends. Their continue their study on master after their complete their first degree last year.

Last time in the semester break, i ask my family especially my mom and dad about continue my study on second degree. Their said "if we had a enough money you will, but for now on we still in money crisis" hahaha... their laugh. yes i know, and their also know that i had a dreams to continue my study in the overseas. Like i told before my family is very supportive and their always hope that my comes true "some day". amin
So i decide do not to think about to be the chosen one or become the main character in the story. But i always know, i'm the chosen to live like this. I believe deep in my heart, i also deserve to be happy, to be the winner and also to full fill my own dreams just like you.


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