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Monday, January 18, 2010

Emotional??? hah!!! biar betuL

Selalu terdengar bahawa diri ini dianggap sebagai emo?
Apakh yg dimaksudkan dengan emo. hehehe.....emosional kot yang diorang maksudkan aku pun x tau meannya secara saintifik. Bukannyer stail emo kew? first time diaorang kata aku nie emo, aku ingatkan emo yg tu. hahaha....jauh pangang dari api.

Tapi no hal punyalah P/S lantaklah apa orang nak kata hhuhuhu, janji aku bahagia.
Well this is my style lol. And i know all of you don't have a problem with it and if there i do not care. This is my life, and this is what i want to be.

So somebody out there if you, terasa kew, terkecil hati or terasa menyampah? it's ok. i'm not blame on you never. Coz itu semua bukan kehendak korang semua and i don't have any power to stop and judge you back. I tak kecil hati pun, but i just want to all of you know jew. Even if i mad to the someone, believe me it's only for a while.. xoxo

"Experience" is the words men give to their mistakes in this world.


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