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Monday, February 7, 2011

this is my title~~~ don't know

I’m Nan 23 years old and this is my story….
Born in the middle of house buy none educate nurse which is traditional edition way I’m out from my mother stomach. 9 month and 10 day I was in the stomach, I always hit her when I was in and I hurt once again when I see this world. Whenever I think of it, actually I don’t really think of it. That’s me, as a person who in the middle in the material world I always forgets to thank her for letting me stay in her stomach and took a long time before come out see this world. But luckily I not that bad, but I am bad person. And some part of my heart I always love my parents especially my father and my mother. I don’t care how bad I was before, how do they take care about me. I just care about the future because I do belief as a human we born for the future and were makes the future. And honestly I don’t care what people say about this, because this is my story.

Let see Where You Came From

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