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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

me and money

hi I'm hasnan and I'm good in study and this is my story

Hello everyone, this is it. this is the things what always encourage me for me for all this time "money" never be the end in my mind.  "money" for me doesn't always be RM or Dollar it's also  about any reward that i can get from anything. luckily me isn't it, but poor me i don't really know how to makes money.. dude shame your self!!!!!!... but i does know where to find the money thing. let me tell about when i'm begin like  this and how it change me. it's start when my sister fince (5 years ago) and now he is my brother in low, bet on me to reach my SPM target, which is i won that bet. and God damn iti got it!!!! and he admits his ego and now he buy’s me Disc’s men  and this is my first present from anybody except from my school for get a good academic record. After that I always was trying to get some reward from anyone if I could reach a good result because I don’t like to lose. After that my brother in low never bet with me anymore, because he knows I will win if I want to bet from anyone. Ha Ha Ha Ha lucky me right? My high school era shown, I always get the number one in the class and this is not for the only once in a year but always for the 2 years I got that title in the class. So this is why my brother in low doesn’t want bet with me anymore. But still, i try to get any reward from my parents, and this is the best reason to get’s any reward from them. Then here my brother gives me the first cell phone for me, but at the end he gets it back from me. Damn! Right, it’s ok because I get my own phone then when my mother buy’s me a new cell phone for me. This is only because I want to go to Kuala Lumpur to study my degree level at Tanjong Malim Perak. Then kebooooom! Here I started using and handling my own money from the PTPTN. This money doesn’t enough to cover all the expenses any longer and I need a lot of money. So I study not too hard and study smart after all. Yes!!!! I got a great result for my exam; I’m used to get in on the dean list 5 semesters over the 7 semester that I had. Whenever the result is showed, I used to tell my parents about my result and them happy about it. So they did not have any doubt to not give what if I do that at the right time.  So here I am and my reputation still encouraged by the money things.  What do you think? I’m the bad guy or the good one, and still here you are with me and read this story about the materialistic guys. Yes it is me and this is just about me because this is my story…..

Let see Where You Came From

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