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Saturday, March 6, 2010

tajuk soalan tugasan individu

Soalan 1.
what happens in the event that one does not make or wish to make a will?

Soalan 2.
Since the Cost living is so high in the city and there are space constraints, can you plan to retire elsewhere it is more spacious and less expensive to retire.

Soalan 3.
If i can afford it, does it make sense to take out an international medical insurance even though I am Malaysian and living in Malaysia.

Soalan 4.
There is a close relationship between our KWSP saving and investment plan. How do we correlate these two components in our investment planning.

Soalan 5.
The environment is changing now shares are on the way up. Does it mean we make investment only in shares and avoid bonds, whether of Malaysia or overseas origin?.

Soalan 6.
Is There any particular reason why so much emphasis is placed on insurance as a mode of retirement planning.


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